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Based in Marin County, Syllafilms is a digital video production company that provides services for clients located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From concept to completion, Syllafilms specializes in writing,directing, shooting, and editing for digital video. 

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        Tom Sylla

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Tom Sylla  

Tom Sylla spent his childhood moving between oil refinery towns due to his father's job. He earned an undergraduate degree in engineering before entering the USC School of Cinema as a graduate student. His thesis project, a 20-minute video, won a Gold Award at the Houston International Film Festival. After college, Tom worked for Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic, where he met his future wife, Rebecca. The following year they married in a movie theatre, beginning their ceremony with their first joint film project-a fictitious account of how they met. After leaving ILM, Tom began writing screenplays fulltime. He sold a script to Warner Brothers in 1994, the same year his first child was born. Tom also wrote a number of other scripts, including an episode for a television series.

Several years (and kids) later, Tom and Rebecca decided to produce a low-budget feature, NO RETURN, to showcase Tom's talents as a writer and director. Shot on digital video for very little money and with not enough babysitting, NO RETURN is currently competing in film festivals nationally.

Tom continues to divide his time between projects. He and Rebecca write and direct videos for non-profit development, and his current screenplay involves the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

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