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Based in Marin County, Syllafilms is a digital video production company that provides services for clients located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From concept to completion, Syllafilms specializes in writing,directing, shooting, and editing for digital video. 

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        Tom Sylla

            Rebecca Nelson Sylla


Tom Sylla Filmography

Shorts Films (Writer/Director):
David & Goliath (1975) Sup8
The Hike (1976) Sup8
The Max Movie (1979) Sup8
The Come and Get It Caper (1980) 16mm
The Gold Bird (1984) Sup8
Reaching Out (1984) Sup8
Dead Friends (1984) Sup8
Feeding Dance (1984) Sup8
Dead Friends (1985) 16mm
Silent Film Exercise (1986) Sup8
Dinosaur Dreams (1987) video
The Search for John & Jessica (1989) video
The Search for Christmas Spirit (1989) Sup8
Bec & Tom Get Married (1990) Sup8
Night of the Living Rebecca (1991) Sup8
Impressions of France (1992) Sup8
The Search for Christmas Spirit II: Santa's Revenge (1994) video
Cooking with Santa (1995) Sup8
The X-Mas Files (1997) video
Ozymandias (2000) 16mm

Features Films (Writer/Director):
No Return (2002) digital video

Television Series (Writer):
"Vanishing Son" episode:
Miracle Under 34th Street (1995) Co-writer