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Based in Marin County, Syllafilms is a digital video production company that provides services for clients located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From concept to completion, Syllafilms specializes in writing,directing, shooting, and editing for digital video. 

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            Tom Sylla

             Rebecca Nelson Sylla


Rebecca Nelson Sylla    

The youngest of four, Rebecca Nelson Sylla spent her childhood vying for screen time in Super-8 and 16mm home movies. Rebecca's first post-college job was with a television station in Sacramento producing and researching segments for a public affairs program. She spent the next several years in Los Angeles working in commercial and special effects marketing and production. She moved back to Marin and worked in special effects production for Industrial Light and Magic before shifting to software marketing. She eventually went freelance and began working with Bay Area non-profits focusing on program and funding development.

After producing several short films and offspring together, Rebecca and Tom decided to produce the low-budget feature, NO RETURN, to showcase Tom's talents as a writer and director and to test Rebecca's mental health.

Rebecca, along with Tom, currently writes and produces documentaries and videos for non-profit development.